Augean specialises in managing hard to handle wastes. We have UK waste treatment recovery and disposal infrastructure, and we focus on delivering best environmental outcomes. Our ISO accredited facilities provide sustainable, compliant-led waste management solutions from waste characterisation, dredging activity, transportation through to final treatment, disposal and/or recovery. We work with customers to offer a practical, environmental and cost-effective way to treat, dispose and/or recover both contaminated and uncontaminated dredgings; providing an alternative route to traditional sea based disposal.

 As well as the UK Port Authorities, we service the Renewable Energy, Infrastructure and Construction, Nuclear and Radioactive, Processing and Manufacturing, and Oil and Gas Sectors. Acquired by Augean in 2023, Future Industrial Services is a UK market leader and provides Specialist Industrial Cleaning, decommissioning and decontamination for the Energy, Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Utilities, and Cement sectors throughout the UK.

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