Nikki Sayer

CASPER customs

Nikki is the Managing Director of Casper Customs. Her interests lie in the promotion of the maritime, logistics and shipping sectors; and all they offer for the next generation of talent in the sector. Founder of the North-East School of Shipping, Nikki works with the High Tide Foundation and is an active Board Member of the Stockton Riverside College Logistics Academy, offering unique insight and learning experiences mentoring students and delivering masterclasses. In 2020, Nikki became a Commissioner for the Maritime Skills Commission, to lead on ensuring the maritime sector has a pipeline of talented people to serve all parts of the sector covering shipping, ports, leisure marine, engineering, science and professional services. Nikki received the Tees Businesswomen Award for the Breaking the Mould category in 2021 and Inspirational Female at the North-East Chamber of Commerce in 2022.



18 Oct 23   I   14:00 -15:15   I   

People in Ports Showcase: Attracting Talent, Diversity & Mental Health 

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