Mike Sellers

British Ports Association

Mike has been leading the transformation of Portsmouth International Port since his appointment as Port Director, in 2017. He has ensured that the UK’s most successful municipal port plays a prominent role in positioning Portsmouth as the country’s leading marine and maritime city, and it is fast establishing itself as innovative and sustainable industry pioneer.  With over 30 years’ experience in the ports industry, Mike has worked at seven major UK ports, including port manager at Grimsby and Immingham, the largest port complex in the UK, where he oversaw the movement of 54 million tonnes of cargo each year. Mike was heavily involved in the development of the Immingham Renewable Fuels Terminal, the world’s largest biomass handling facility, and has also held senior roles at a number of ports in East Anglia and Humberside. Mike is from a family of port workers and is extremely proud of his role as Chair for the BPA, representing the industry he loves!   


18 Oct 23  I  09:30 – 11:00  I  Welcome & Business Snapshot/Overview

19 Oct 23  I  16:50 – 16:55  I  Invitation to BPA 2024 in Portsmouth

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