Eddie Scoggins


Eddie was an HSE Inspector for 11 years, undertaking safety inspections and investigations in a wide range of industries. He has significant experience of investigation, enforcement, case law and court work and has produced HSE guidance for docks. Eddie became a Principal Inspector in 2004, managing a team of HSE inspectors until 2015, when he joined Hutchison Ports as Head of Health and Safety. Eddie is responsible for health, safety, environment, emergency response and security at Hutchison’s 3 ports in the UK, including the Port of Felixstowe. He is Regional Safety Coordinator for 14 Hutchison Ports across Europe where he audits, shares best practice and investigates any serious incidents. Eddie is also the European delegate on the Hutchison Ports global safety committee, which is responsible for standard setting and auditing across 53 Ports globally. He is a Director of PSS.


19 Oct 23   I   11:45 -12:45   I   AI and Automation for Port Safety

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