Chris Hatter

Portsmouth International Port

Chris Hatter is the Head of Compliance at Portsmouth International Port. With nearly 20 years experience in the maritime industry including spells working in ports, for ship owners, for commodity traders (miners) and in distressed goods, Chris has a wide breadth of knowledge about the maritime world and the multimodal nature of freight, the challenges in maintaining the logistics network and the vulnerabilities and risks to the system. Chris grew up in Portsmouth, and whilst his career has taken him overseas and around the UK, the chance to be part of the exciting developments at Portsmouth International Port has been a significant draw back home. The port is currently a living laboratory for maritime and transport projects, a leader in green ports and Chris has a particular mission to make maritime and logistics a choice career role for school leavers.


19 Oct 23   I   11:45 -12:45   I   AI and Automation for Port Safety

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