Charmain Browning

dp world

Charmain is responsible for HR, Occupational Health and operations across London Gateway Port, Southampton Port, London Gateway Logistics Park and CNS. With over 20 years of experience, she entered the ports industry in 2019, bringing fresh insights into the sector. 

Charmain’s passion lies in skill development and workforce readiness. She is dedicated to aligning talent with industry needs, recognizing the importance of meeting the future requirements of the ports industry. She focuses on shaping and engaging talent strategies to foster future growth and actively participates in various skills boards. Outside of DP World, Charmain serves as a Non-Executive Director for a Trust overseeing schools and contributes to skills boards, advocating for skill development and staying informed about industry trends.


18 Oct 23   I  14:00 -15:15   I   

People in Ports Showcase: Attracting Talent, Diversity & Mental Health 

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