Angela Ward

Port Skills & Safety (PSS)

Angela joined PSS in May 2022 and is responsible for working with members and stakeholders to set the standards and framework for skills in UK ports. She launched the PSS Skills Group and working groups and developed the PSS Skills Strategy 2023-28. In partnership with the Maritime Skills Commission, Angela oversees the Skills Intelligence Modelling project that will provide data on the current jobs and skills within ports.

Prior to PSS, Angela worked in further education and apprenticeships and has spent over 20 years working with employers and stakeholders on early careers, recruitment and professional development to build talent pipelines, upskill and reskill their workforces. She is passionate about skills development and the impact it has on organisations and individuals.


18 Oct 23   I  14:00 -15:15   I   

People in Ports Showcase: Attracting Talent, Diversity & Mental Health 

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