Beckett Rankine

Beckett Rankine is the leading UK owned marine civil engineering consultancy. Our dedicated engineers are passionate about delivering high quality and appropriate design solutions – wherever in the world we are working. Many Beckett Rankine designs have been ground-breaking, such as planning the world’s largest man-made harbour at Ras Laffan in Qatar, our award- winning passenger piers on the Thames, our innovative designs for concrete pontoon systems and our development of the Cofastrans container handling system. We have a busy R&D programme and are active in a number of international research teams. 

Our projects cover a wide size-range from some of the World’s largest new port developments to small yacht harbours. Our experience of designing ports includes work in the most demanding locations on Earth; from ice-bound Northern Siberia to the Middle East; from hurricane-prone Caribbean Islands to the land-locked Caspian Sea; from the crowded river Thames to isolated North Korea.

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